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SNIFZ set up a brand positioning of “ kitchen appliances ”. The main products of SNIFZ are kitchen appliances such as Range hoods, Built-in-gas hobs, Built-in-oven, Built-in-microwave, Built-in-fridge, Built-in-dishwasher, Built-in-coffee maker, Kitchen sinks, kitchen faucets etc.

At SNIFZ, we believe in making things better. That goes not only for the appliances we manufacture but also the quality of life they provide. Each and every one of our products is engineered to make some part of your daily routine that much easier.

SNIFZ high performance and low priced built-in appliances are designed to give your kitchen a stylish and modern look. As one of the biggest full-Range suppliers of Kitchen & home electronics, we take pride in our ability to help make home life the good life.​​​

Our Polices

Shared emotions Our products emerge from emotions. Emotions that we want to share with each one of our customers so that they can, thanks to our household appliances, share their most unique moments with their beloved ones.


A self-demanding spirit in the creation of our products, based on the trust placed in us by millions of customers throughout the years to take good care of their


Since our very beginning we have remained loyal to our roots. The spirit of our founder is our inspiration, generation after generation. We believe in authenticity as a timeless value.​

Our Mission

To make Beautiful, Attractive & Durable with Easy to use Kitchen Appliance.

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